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Hearing the Music, Ep.1

Episode 1: Arrest and Betrayal

Listen to episode 1 of this podcast now!

Featuring Music Director Delta David Gier and novelist and pastor J. Mark Bertrand.


In this episode, novelist and pastor J. Mark Bertrand joins SDSO music director Delta David Gier in an exploration of Part 1 of Bach’s St John Passion, which begins with the arrest of Jesus and ends with Simon Peter’s three-fold denial. The principal text comes from John 18.1-27.

In 1724, Johann Sebastian Bach set the text of John 18-19 to music for Good Friday. It’s the story of Christ’s arrest, betrayal, trial, and crucifixion. Three centuries later, we take you on a deep dive into both the music and the meaning behind it.

Click here to listen to SDSO’s 2014 performance of Bach’s St John Passion

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The coronavirus pandemic caused the cancelation of most cultural activities in South Dakota, including the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra performances. It’s also put a halt or drastically altered many Lenten programs and services for Christians. Maestro Delta David Gier and Pastor Mark Bertrand of Grace Presbyterian Church wanted to be of service to listeners who might be missing music as art and music as worship. They created a four-part series exploring musical masterpieces and the meaning behind them. We’re bringing you that series on In the Moment each Wednesday and Friday between now and Easter Sunday. We hope you enjoy “Hearing the Music.”