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Endowment Giving

Endowment gifts strengthen and nurture the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra by ensuring the continuation of our musical programs. Your endowment gift provides financial stability, helping us to grow and preserve our tradition of performing live orchestral music for the generations to come. The symphony has funds located at the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation and the South Dakota Community Foundation. To make a designated gift to these funds, please contact Anne Weyer, Assistant Director of Development at 605-335-7933 ext. 15 or

Endowment Funds

Music for Children (est. 1996)
Retirement Series Concerts (est. 1997)
Deming and Charline Smith Principal Percussion Chair (est. 1997)
Leo Kucinski Section Violin Chair (est. 1998)
John Hutchinson Chamber Fund (est. 1999)
Jay Reeve and Katherine Peterson Second Bassoon Chair (est. 2000)
Henry Charles Smith Principal Trombone Chair (est. 2001)
Stephen and Mary Lynn Myers Chamber Series Fund (est. 2001)
Milt and Ruby Mutch Annual Piano Concerto Fund (est. 2001)
Ensemble Concert for Sioux Falls High Schools (est. 2001)
In honor of Everett R. “Mat” Matson
Phil and Martha Helland Principal Oboe Chair (est. 2001)
Dennis D. and Mary Ann Knutson Associate Principal Flute Chair (est. 2002)
In honor of Pat Masek
John Philip Sousa First Tuba Chair (est. 2002)
Mathew Keirnes Second Chair Percussion (est. 2002)
Dakota Wind Quintet Recording Fund (est. 2002)
Bayard and Sam Carlson Principal Bass Chair (est. 2003)
Jean Douglass Wightman Associate Principal Cello Chair (est. 2003)
Robert Scott Spencer Principal Trumpet Chair (est. 2003)
Dr. Don and Norma Boyden Principal Timpani Chair (est. 2004)
Garson Granddaughters Violin Chair (est. 2004)
In honor of Isabel, Naomi, Cymry, and Sophia
Lindsey Ann Masterson French Horn Section Chair (est. 2004)
Jane Koch and Irene Goeres Endowed Violin Chair (est. 2004)
Pied Piper Fund in memory of Emma Joyce Pawelek (est. 2004)
SDSO Education Fund (est. 2004)
Perpetuity Party (PP Party) Fund (est. 2004)
Nicole Keirnes Fund to Present Annual Quartet and Quintet Performances at Sioux Vocational Services (est.2004)
Hugo and Mabel Koerner Music Education Fund for Youth (est. 2005)
The McDonald Grandchildren Flute Chair (est. 2005)
In honor of Danae, Brenna, Kinsey, Alyssa, and Jacob
Life’s Celebrations Fund (est. 2005)
David Elder Violin Chair (est. 2005)
Mark Isackson Clarinet Chair (est. 2005)
In memory of Virginia Isackson
George and Kay Lundberg Endowment of the SFACF (est. 2005)
To benefit the SDSO
Dody and Boyd Hopkins Endowment of the SFACF (est. 2006)
To benefit the SDSO
Candy Hanson and Mike Crane SDSO Music Endowment (est. 2007)
Sharing the Beauty of Music Fund (est. 2007)
Don H. and Ann B. Platt Associate Principal Trombone Chair (est. 2007)
In honor of their brass instrument musician grandsons, Tim and Erik Platt
John and Ann Harris Endowment Fund (est. 2007)
Rex Grimme Section Violin Chair (est. 2008)
Jeff Hurley Endowment Fund (est. 2008)
Dr. Doris Huseboe Fund for Second Chair Clarinet (est. 2008)
In honor of David Xenakis for his extraordinary service to the SDSO (est. 2010)
Paul and Marilyn Fialkowski Memorial Scholarship Fund (est. 2011)